(Sold out for Summer 2020)
DESIGNED IN: Moorpark, California
INSTAGRAM: @picnictime
Picnic Time started way back in 1982 on a cruise ship with two men from Italy, Mario Tagliatti and Gustavo Cosaro. While working on the ship they soon became close friends and discovered each other's fiery passion for wine and cheese. On a whim, they packed up their lives and moved to California to open up the wine and cheese shop that they always dreamed of. Before they knew it, their first shop was open. Soon enough, their customers were requesting something to carry all their wine and cheese in and the partners found themselves making their first picnic baskets!
Since then, Picnic Time has been offering the highest quality products with a mission to inspire people to spend quality time with loved ones and create long-lasting memories from those moments. We continue to design and develop a broad selection of unique products that can be used in and out of the home. We plan to set the stage for countless unforgettable occasions no matter where you may be. Service is a core belief that remains unchanged since our inception in 1982. 

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