You asked ---> we masked! 
Help fight the spread of COVID-19 by purchasing a chic, soft, comfortable, machine-washable, non-medical face mask for yourself - or - if you're feeling charitable, donate one to an essential worker or vulnerable individual. 
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For every mask you buy, we will donate a mask to local hospitals in New Orleans or to a vulnerable individual who is unable to secure a mask for him or herself.  
While these masks are not medical-grade masks, they can help to slow the spread of COVID-19 by helping you keep your germies to yourself! ;-D They are designed to provide the maximum protection a non-medical mask can while also bringing a little luxury to your life!
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Each mask that you purchase comes with a free Filti face mask media filter ( that can be washed and reused up to 8 times (if you follow the included care instructions). Filti’s Face Mask Material is engineered using their patent-pending Nanofiber technology and is highly-efficient (up to 95%) on sub-micron particles, including bacteria and viruses.
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Stay safe and remember to #livelifeluxuriously!